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Music of the Spheres: listening to molecular vibrations

If you could hear a molecule what would it sound like? Molecules vibrate like strings An FFT spectrum shows the chemical vibrations which after some signal processing you can hear as audio.

The playable molecular music are playable on the Music of the Chemical Spheres webpage. The molecular were created from a infrared FTIR spectrum. To get the audio signal normally a iFFT would have to be performed however the FFT is lacking the phase information need to recreate the signal using the iFFT algorithm. However we don't need this as the phase is not important as the signal is continuous in time and can be recreated from sine waves of suitable frequency. The iFFT spectrum is analysed for peak positions and sine waves generated and summed to create the amplitude signal. This signal can be transformed into a wav audio file and played using the html5 audio controls. The molecules processed in this way are given below:

  • ethanol
  • methanol
  • benzene
  • toluene
  • Ethyl_tert-butyl_ether
  • CarbonTetrachloride
  • VinylAcetate
  • 1_2-Dimethylbenzene
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Mar 30, 2014 Category: Audio/Music Posted by: dave