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Vocabulist bookmarklet working with pdf.js

Using the Firefox "PDF Viewer" extension/addon the vocabulist bookmarklet can be used to translate and read online pdf documents as well

Firefox labs have now released the pdf.ps project as a firefox extension called "PDF Viewer". This great software tool reformats pdf files as normal webpages. That means that any other tools that process webpages can also be used now to process pdf files. This is great for me as now my translation popup bookmarklet "Vocabulist" can also be used to translate pdf files. Just open up the Firefox browser and install the "PDF Viewer" extension . Then click on the Vocabulist bookmarklet button on your browser bar and start getting popup translations (I assume you have gone to the Vocabulist page and dragged the bookmarklet icon to the bookmarklet bar first). Here is a picture of the Vocabulist bookmarklet translating a German pdf document.

Vocabulist being used to translate a german pdf document
Vocabulist translation popup with a pdf document

If you select the audio option the bookmarklet will read back to you hovered words or if you select the entire document it will read the whole document to you in your native language.

Apr 20, 2014 Category: web tools Posted by: dave